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Facing September
Facing September

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"Facing September is a terrific story, sure to connect with readers who have undergone similar difficulties. Sara Jenlink writes from the heart." Statement by award winning author, teacher and attorney, William Bernhardt, who has published over twenty mystery books, over a dozen in other genre, and has sold over ten million books nationally and internationally.

Welcome to my World of Wonder. I love learning and exploring. While staying home with the boys, we even made dirt—I mean real dirt in the ground. Buried the crushed bark, plant matter, gravel and whatever natural substance we could find, and when we returned in the spring we found—dirt! I was as amazed as the boys!

I especially love sharing the fun in the discovery. Guess that’s why I love teaching.

Wow! That’s a lot of loves. While I’m at it, I’ll fill in some more loves. The family is at the top. Not just gotta love them, I do. Then come our critters, well except for the two rodents I finally let our youngest son have.

Love and happiness are not necessarily the same thing. I was working at my computer the other day and found myself saying, “I’m really happy.” That’s odd because I can say I don’t love writing. But it makes me happy to see it come together, to see the fullness of ideas develop, to see others delight in it. And I have discovered I am more fulfilled as I write. Amazing. Writing is not just a communication tool, but a personal expression. And I enjoy that process, enough to return to it. Maybe someday I will discover I love writing just as it took me years to decide I loved teaching—but I’m not convinced just yet.

Music is another love. Specifically, I love harmonies. No wonder. My dad started teaching us about music by his example early on. I can remember reading notes before words. In fact, my sister on soprano and me on alto, were singing God’s Clouds when I noticed I could read the words as well as the notes. Fun. When I was forty, I sang with the twenty-something kids in the Madrigals at the well-renowned music department of Wichita State University. Now, my good friend and I want to record some old hymns. I’ll let you know when that happens.

My sister reminds me that it is easy to come up with ideas, but not so the money! Amen to that. Consequently, I have a schedule of creative activities lined up. More books are on the list so keep an ear to the ground and let me know what you think.

Thanks for checking in with me.


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